The Must-Read Guide to Medical Marijuana


Nowadays, there’s increased social acceptance of marijuana, and new products come up each day. Although you can use medical cannabis for multiple conditions, your choices will affect your experience. For this reason, choose the right strains to achieve the desired effects. If you’re a beginner, this can be daunting.

Are you a new medical cannabis user and wondering where to start? Here’s a guide for medical cannabis users:

  1. A medical marijuana card allows you to acquire higher potency products.

Unlike recreational marijuana, you need a medical card to purchase medical weed. If you want to buy medical cannabis and don’t have one, visit a licensed doctor for examination. The specialist will examine for the pre-qualifying conditions and give a recommendation. You can use this to apply for a medical cannabis card in your state.

Examples of the qualifying conditions are;

  • Insomnia
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure etc.
  1. Research is key!

Information on the stains goes a long way. Marijuana products come in multiple strains, flavors and aromas. The products offer diverse effects and experiences and understanding how the stains work helps in product selection.

For instance, if you suffer from chronic pain, seek strains that help alleviate pain and offer full-body relaxation. Nevertheless, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Baltimore advises patients that the effects depend on the dosage and strains.

Examples of the best medicinal strains are;

  • Blue Dreams
  • White Berry
  • Purple Kush
  • Jack Herer
  • Canna Sutra
  1. Only purchase from accredited stores.

 Although medical cannabis is legalized in most states, some users still opt for illegal products. These are tax-free and cheaper but may have adverse side effects on users. It’s advisable to acquire products from legitimate dispensaries with proper licensing and certification by the state government. This way, you’ll get quality products and in the right dosages.

  1. Understand the different consumption methods& Their effects 

There are various ways to consume marijuana, these range from smoking, vaping, ingesting and more. Therefore you’ll get cannabis in multiple products, including edibles like cookies, chocolate bars, and beverages. You’ll also get other products like ointments, oils, sprays, tinctures and more from the cannabis Dispensary in Baltimore.

You can consume the products whichever way you want, but all methods offer varied effects. For instance, you get an intoxicating high immediately after smoking or vaping but may wait for about an hour to derive the same effects with edibles. However, the effects of edibles are more potent and will last longer.

What mistakes should I avoid when hopping?

First of all, don’t visit the dispensary without proper identification documents. You won’t be allowed in. Also, don’t shop without adequate research; having sufficient information helps a lot if strain selection.

Avoid bulk purchases and instead, buy in small quantities. This allows you to monitor the effects and keep increasing the doses to achieve the desired effects. For the flavors, sample different products, and you’ll get the desired flavor and aroma.

Final thoughts

You’ll get different cannabis products from a weed dispensary in your state. Research widely on the strains, products and effects. Choose products to match your needs, and have the budtender help you in the selection. Also, buy in small quantities to experiment with the flavors; and later acquire more once you’re sure of the aromas.

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