If recreational marijuana is legal in your state, you can legally purchase it in a licensed dispensary as long as you are of the legal age. Although there are a lot of recreational marijuana users in the United States, others use it to manage medical problems such as pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, etc. Since cannabis research is still limited, you may be wondering if there are any dangers of smoking cannabis every day. Well, let’s look at it both ways.

Reasons to smoke cannabis every day.

For some people, every day is a weed-smoking day. Here are some of the ways you might find everyday weed helpful.

Energy boost

Many everyday Marijuana users who source their weed from licensed dispensaries in Denver, Colorado, go for the energizing Sativa strains that help them get through daily tasks. If you are looking for an alternative energizing solution that may be better than your morning coffee cup, cannabis could be a better option.

Reduce or end dependence on opioids

One of the primary reasons for using opioids is to manage medical issues such as chronic pain. Cannabis improves such medical conditions, but with fewer side effects, so you can use it to end your dependence on opioids which are highly addictive.

Brain protection

Cannabis can protect your brain. According to a study, the cannabinoid system is connected with nerve cell degeneration in the brain. Since cognitive deterioration starts as we age, cannabis can slow down the decline and keep your brain fresh for longer the more reason it is used in managing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Lower blood pressure

Using medical marijuana from the top dispensary in Denver is associated with lower blood pressure. Smoking cannabis buds causes a temporary spike in blood pressure, but the body adapts and avoids the spike with regular use, helping you maintain healthy levels.

Why you should not smoke cannabis every day

It negatively impacts short term memory

There is a clear relationship between cannabis use and short-term memory use. The more cannabis you smoke, the worse the performance in a memory test. Smoking cannabis every day also leads to a poor verbal memory by the time you reach middle age.

You risk addiction

The increasing strength of marijuana strains leads to addiction. As marijuana genetics get better, most marijuana strains today are more potent than they were a few years ago, leading to an intoxicating sensation when you smoke them. That causes many regular users to keep on chasing the highs, which can potentially cause an addiction.

A possible drop in IQ

Long-term marijuana use can lower your IQ as the years go by. A study in New Zealand showed that people who started smoking cannabis in their teens experienced an 8point drop in IQ as they got to their thirties.

Harmful for pregnant women

The carbon monoxide in cannabis smoke can cause lower birth weight in expectant mothers who use cannabis every day.

The final thoughts

Although smoking marijuana daily can boost your energy, creativity, lower stress levels, and alleviate some medical issues, it could be potentially addictive for long-term users. However, there are no clear studies about long-term cannabis use to form definitive conclusions.

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